FREE Upcoming WAPOR Webinar: Adapting Push-to-Web Survey Designs for Use in Different Countries and Situations

2021-02-15 10:23

Adapting Push-to-Web Survey Designs for

Use in Different Countries and Situations 

Presented by Don Dillman

Friday, March 5, 2021

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM EST 

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WAPOR has set up a program of webinars, open to the public. We will have three types of webinars: thematic webinars, regional webinars and methodological training. The March webinar is devoted to the theme, Adapting Push-to-Web Survey Designs for Use in Different Countries and Situations.

Countries throughout the world are seeking alternatives to in-person and telephone surveys of the general public in order to improve data quality and lower costs. To accomplish this, web-push surveys that involve an initial postal contact to request internet responses followed by mail questionnaire and perhaps other mode requests are being evaluated in a number of countries. This presentation draws upon the author’s experiences in developing a web-push methodology and subsequently helping surveyors design web-push surveys in 10 countries on four continents. It briefly summarizes factors that the presenter has found important for improving response rates to web-push surveys and reducing nonresponse error (Dillman, 2017, Survey Methodology, Statistics Canada). It goes on to discuss specific barriers to adopting web-push methods, including the lack of adequate theory (Dillman, 2020, in Brenner, P. Understanding Survey Methodology. Springer) that prevent some surveyors from considering the use of web-push methodologies. The confrontation now occurring between efforts to use web-push methodologies in various countries and surveyor desires to avoid changing discontinuing long-established data collection methods for mixed-mode designs is the focus of this presentation. The need for new research to help resolve these conflicts and provide better guidance for designing web-push surveys will be articulated.


Don Dillman is Regents professor in the Department of Sociology and Deputy Director for research and development in the Social and Economic Sciences Research Center at Washington State University in Pullman, WA, USA.  His research team received the 2017 Warren Mitofsky Award from the American Association for Public Opinion Research for the development of web-push data collection methods, and he continues to research ways of improving them.

Moderator: Mike Traugottformer president of WAPOR

WAPOR is pleased to offer this webinar free of charge.

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